Joy is exceptionally qualified as a homemaker. In addition to these skills, her full-hearted personality makes the experience of being in her company totally enjoyable. She is a very committed caregiver.
— Mary M.

There is no better care anywhere in the world than I am getting from SHS.

— Marianna

I will recommend any of the 3 ladies as they were companions to me when my family was gone. They were fun to be with and helped me so much. Thank you, RR

— Fun and Helpful Companions

For over a year, Seniors Helping Seniors provided companions for my mother who had frailty and mild dementia.  The companions were always prompt, reliable and compassionate.  My mother came to see them as warm, caring friends.  Company owner Cindy Lefkowitz gave us her all as a well-organized and responsive administrator and clinician.  I have already recommended her services and those of her company to several friends and colleagues.” –Barry J. Jacobs, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and son.

— Compassionate Companionship

Dear Cindy & SHS,

I want to thank you for your services so much. Our caregivers were so helpful to me. They were both so kind, compassionate, and willing to help in so many ways. It was so pleasant just knowing them and knowing they were caring in all ways for my needs while my family was gone. Thank you for your care in providing the right people for my mom at this time of need. I will pass on to others who have a need of a "Seniors Helping Seniors" for I heave experience in knowing that I can recommend you!

-Ruth R.

— Compassionate Caregivers

Dear Cindy & SHS,

It was a pleasure doing business with your company. We had a wonderful caregiver, who treated my mom as if she was her own mother. You cant ask for more than that.

- The Buckley Family

— Treating Like Family

Dear Cindy & SHS,

I want to thank you for everything and SHS did for my mom. You have a wonderful group there and have a special knack for choosing the right people as companions.

- Jill G.

— Special Knack for Companionship

Dear Cindy & SHS,

It has been great working with you and your service. I never hesitate recommending your service. Your employees are exceptional and make a very difficult situation easier.

- Sandy & Barb

— No Hesitation

Cindy & SHS,

I want to thank you for your love, respect, and confidence in me to help build SHS for you. I was out of the business world for a long time and you took a gamble on this old lady. Thank you so much for your empathy.

Irene L.

— Building Business

SHS Northern Delaware County,

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at SHS for the consistent, professional, and kindness shown to my mother during her 17 month journey. The caregiver provided would converse, play cards, and keep her spirits up, feed her, and was an overall godsend. My mother looked forward to their time together. SHS made sure that my mom had someone with her when I needed. They covered time while I was on vacation day and night, I don't know how I would have done without this wonderful service, Cindy, and her group of fine staff. My gratitude knows no bounds.

- Sandra B.

— Gratitude Knows No Bounds

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